Monday, February 27, 2006

Weekend Review

I wish I had some great stories to tell from the weekend but I really don't. It was pretty much in line with previous weekends, although not as much alcohol was involved.

1. I think I got a little TOO wasted on Thursday night. Yes kids, even I have limits.

2. Friday night was a ball. Hung out at Grace's house with the usual cast of characters sans Chocolatte but including Kiat, Evan and Taylor. We just sat around playing drinking games and ate a chicken buffet.

PS. Wings over Washington is soooo good. Our meal may or may not have included 20 chicken tenders, 60 buffalo wings, a rack of ribs, 2 large fries, 2 large onion rings, and 2 two-liters. And don't you know it was a wing free-for-all as drunk b*tches were headed out the door.

3. Saturday night was a night in with the bf. We watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which was better than I had expected.

4. The bf and I went to the Air & Space Museum, definitely brought out the inner geek in me.

5. Went to JR's last night although we were all surprisingly tame. Despite Dave having removed the easy-pour spout for one of our rounds of drinks.

Friday, February 24, 2006

These people are evil and they need to be destroyed.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

What's hot

According to Savage Love (via Grace Jones by phone), pearl necklaces are out and Cheney's are in.

Think about it for a minute.

Project Runway

I watched the Project Runway Reunion episode with the BF, Chocolatte, and Grace Jones:

First off: How drunk was 'Lupe? I mean she was WASTED! (Apparently I wasn't the only one that thought Lupe was loaded.)

Second off: Who introduced Kara to coke. And for that matter the guy who's name I don't know that was kicked off on the first episode. I think he lost like 100 pounds.

Thirdly: Andre's breakdown ... WTF?

I also watched Project Jay last night. It was interesting but kinda left you wondering...I mean did he go to fashion week or not? I'm guessing "not" as they probably would've said something. Oh well.

UPDATE: So I've been reading the blog that I linked to above under "first off." It's from Bravo Executive Andy Cohen, kinda interesting if you're bored at work.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm back. Have so much to write about and a bunch of pictures to post. Will write more tomorrow when I get back to work (cause you know I don't have any actual work to do).

Friday, February 17, 2006

Subways & Studios

Yesterday was my first full day in Tokyo. My jetlagged ass woke up at 5am, which was not so cute. Suman had to work so I figured I'd go explore the neighborhood a bit. The area where he lives, Rappongi, is filled with embassys and such, so there are a lot of foreigners around. I wandered over to Rappongi Hills, which is a prety big shopping mall/park/office area. I wandered around there for a while but didn't find anything to purchase (I am on a mission for a new pair of jeans and some hot shoes).

Last night, Suman took me over to Sinjuku-ni-chome, which is the gay area. Girls, it is NOTHING like Dupont. It was my first time on the subway. Def different than either DC, or NY. To get to the bar, GB, we had to go down a treacherous pair of steps to a little doorway. I was just waiting for some man to slide a little panel over and ask us what the password is. There was no password, but we get inside and I discover that the bar is about the size of the upstairs of JR's. T-I-N-Y. Even though it was the size of Twin Sister's studio, I had a great time. It actually reminded me a lot of JR's. There were TV's on the walls playing the same Madonna videos, the bartenders were really friendly, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. A numerous drinks we left and went to a "club." I use the term club loosely as the club could not be bigger than the upstairs at Halo. The dancefloor was miniscule and music was "eeh" but still it was a good time.

Dear JR's customers,

We've decided on institute a couple of new policy's that have been very successful with our Japanese counterparts.

1. There will be no tipping. If you try and tip us we will throw the money back at you.

2. The JR's bar-backs will be on you like white on rice. If you put a cigarette out, the ashtray will be quickly replaced. When you set your drink down after finishing, the glass will be quickly removed and you will be asked if you'd like another.

These changes are designed to make your bar experience more enjoyable and will be instituted immediately.


Thursday, February 16, 2006


Well I made it here. 24 hours later. Obviously I'm way too out of it to give you any kind of coherent post. So instead I'll post a couple of my observations from the trip over here:

1. The G terminal at Dulles is what I imagine the airport in Mumbai might look like. It was a total shitshow

2. 13.5 hours is way too long to be on a plane. Since my flight into JFK was delayed, I didn't have time to go and get any Tylenol PM. Consequently, I didn't sleep at all on the plane. It. Blew.

3. Tokyo is NUTS. Lots of neon lights. Lots of random freeways that are stacked on top of each other.

4. There are a ton of gadgets that do all sorts of stuff. The toilet for example has 8 buttons on it, on of which I think heats up the seat. However, these gadgets are useless to me since I don't have a clue what's written on them. Sidenote: I've developed a newfound respect for international symbols

That is all for now. Will write more later.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sayonara Bitches!

I'm of to Tokyo tomorrow morning. Will try and update with pictures and stuff as much as I can. Don't burn the city down while I'm gone.


Tom & Katie are SPLITSVILLE (via Perezhilton)! Maybe Katie just couldn't handle the fact that Tom is gay. But then, that kinda throws a wrench in the theory that she was just under contract anyway. Maybe she really was just stupid an naive? Anyway, according to Life&Style the couple plans on keeping the baby and are planning for its financial well being.

Money Quotes from the Weekend

[Good Will Hunting]: "I need to penetrate something FIERCE. I don't really care what it is I just don't want him to look at me."

[Twin Sister] to Me: "You are now banned from drinking red-wine at a party. Annie and I were like archeologists following your wine trail all over the apartment."

Office Mate Kate to Me: "Ya Chris, obviously you got wasted. You were on wine-goblet number three when I left." (Side note: Annie has some 20oz wine glasses that I thought, rather than refill I'd just fill to the top. Cute.)

GWH's Friend: ...I hate those kinds of ladies. They always come up to the bar, order a bottle of white zin, and smoke a pack of Misty's. And clearly the last time they got a new perm was 1985.
Twin Sister: A gay cruise sounds like fun but I think I'd be over it after day 3. It seems like it's more geared toward the gays that live in podunk and don't get the opportunity to always be around gay people. I mean, hi. I live in Dupont.
Me: Right, my life is a gay cruise.

Group (with look of shock) to GWH: Umm, I don't think that was the stripper you gave your number to. (This was the next day, at Biddy's).

GWH (later at JR's): So I think I'm gonna go hook up with him anyway...

Weekend Recap: Part 2

See, I knew that if I waited long enough one of the other girls would finally sit down and blog about this past weekend. Meaning I don't have to. Grace Jones wonderfully summed up all of the shenanigens that went on. The post looks a bit overwhelming, but I promise, it's a quick read.

Thanks Girl!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Awards

Twin Sister just sent out an email with the weekend awards:

-----Original Message-----
From: [Twin Sister] [mailto:[Twin Sister]]
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 2:42 PM
To: [GJones]; [Chris]; [Chocolatte]; [H8tful]; [Annie]
Subject: Weekend Awards

Thursday, "Spletty" goes to EVRYONE, with an honorable mention to Mr. [Chocolatte] for his pole dancing expertise at the Lantern...

Friday, "Spletty" goes to Chris himself, whose trail of red wine was magical

Sat, I win

Sunday "Spletty" goes to [Grace Jones] for his spilling his drink all over Taylor and then breaking the glass

The Weekend Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Mr. [Hateful P.O.1] for drinking for three days straight

And Best Outift of the Weekend goes to Annie for her ensemble on Friday evening!

This weekend

After a serious birthday extravaganza for Twin Sister, I definitely need to let my liver recuperate. There is, of course, so much to blog about. And I'll do it shortly, I just need my head to clear a little bit more. In the mean time. The line of the weekend:

"My life is a gay cruise"

Will put it into context later.

Friday, February 10, 2006


In typical me fashion (and for a Friday morning) I'm still loaded from last night. Last night was of course the kick off to the 10th aniversary of Twin Sister's super sweet sixteen. Obvi we got to JR's at around 545 and, sadly, I don't remember if I left before or after the end of all-you-can drink. Apparently The Mean Girls all went to the GL for shirtless men drink free. Obvi I didn't make it that far.

BTW: I finally found out who The Boy is, he was Watsty McWasterson. Ok, actually I have no idea if he was drunk or not considering I was fully in the bag.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Afternoon Delight

Since I really don't have anything fun to write about. I figured I'd post some pictures that Grace Jones emailed. This one is for you Twin Sister.

And this one is for you Grace.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I don't heart vodka as much right now

Last night, after working for 12 hours, I met up with Dale at Halo to celebrate Sean's bf's birthday. I had really planned on having only one or two drinks, but sadly, that was not to be. Grace Jones was there and Chip showed up eventually. After an uncountable number of madrases (sp?) and several shots, I finally had to take my leave when the three of them decided to go into Cobalt. Random thoughts of the evening:

1. I'm really not a fan of Halo (sorry Sean). It's not any one thing that bothers me but a lot of little things.

2. While standing outside smoking a cig we realized that not 10 feet away from us was Howard Dean! He is short. And his face is kinda pudgy. He should have work done.

3. I'm pretty sure that shot number 4(?) was not such a good idea

4. I'm also pretty sure that I really should've gone to McDonalds either before or after drinking.

5. JR's does not have a liscense for the kinda dancing I saw in there (This comment is not directed at anyone that was in my group...

Except Ms. Jones).
I am only now just starting to sober up. Blog post to follow.

PS. I know I haven't yet written about my trip to Baltimore. So many things happened that I'm still trying to organize it into a coherent post.

PPS. I'm certain that I am wearing Eau du Booze.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I was in Books-a-Million yesterday waiting for the BF to get home from the gym. I was browsing around when I came across the PostSecret book. I'd heard about the project before, where people write their secrets on a postcard and send it in, but I'd never really seen any of it. I read through the first couple of pages and was hooked. I ended up reading the whole thing in half an hour.

It's intense. The secrets range from the mundane to seriously deep with emotions anywhere from humor to guilt, sadness, rage, love, etc. The book reminded me of a conversation I had with an ex (I can't really remember when, but it was a while ago):

He asked me if I had any secrets, and I told him "yes."

I mean, doesn't everybody? But he was really offended. "You should be able to tell me anything," he said.

There was a hint of truth in his statement, I really should have been able to tell him anything. This conversation went back and forth for quite some time, and I almost relented and told him. It wasn't that I was trying to hide something from him, or that it was about him, but rather I just preferred to let the past stay in the past. Besides, my secrets weren't exactly eating me up inside, I just didn't really feel like sharing. With anybody.

After reading this book I feel slightly vindicated, even after all this time. It seems to me that everybody has a secret.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Superbowl

The bf, being from Pittsburgh, dragged me to a Superbowl party yesterday. Obviously, I can't tell the difference between a football and a vollyball, but I know it would mean a lot to the bf if I went to the party. The party bore a stricking resemblence to what I imagine the 7th level of hell looks like. It wasn't just any party, it was a lesbian pary. A lesbian. football. party. I don't think there is any group of people I could have less is common with (Caviat: There were a few nice people there, and I got to hang out with Sarah who also hates football). While I obvi didn't watch much of the game, there are a few comments I would like to make.

1. I think it took half the chinchillas in China to make Aretha's coat. And memo to Superbowl producers- Was Aaron Neville the best we could do?

2. The FedEx commercial with the cavemen, kinda violent.

3. The two Ameriquest commercials were HILLARIOUS! Watch them here.

4. Look, I know that football players are supposed to be big. But there were a whole lot of Steeler's players that looked like they took the all-you-can-eat buffet a step too far.

5. And what is up with that man's hair. I know you know who I'm talking about.

6. Drunk lesbians rooting for the losing team. Not pretty.

7. For 2.2 seconds I actually thought that Fabio had launched a fragrance line. Keep in mind I was several drinks under at that point.

That is all. Stand by for a entry about from my trip to Baltimore. It involves, a straight bar, thongs, a bucket of booze, and a fat girl named Peggy Sue.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Since I don't have any one thing to blog about, I'll give you some random thoughts/events of the day:

1. Mother Nature- I'm over you. One day it's 40, the next its 65. I realize you might be getting a little schizo in your old age, but really? PS. What's this about snow over the weekend?

2. The BBC stopped by today before hopping on the bus to NY. That's right. I said BUS. eeewww. He looked homeless.

3. My office mate Kate keeps laughing to herself. For reasons that only she knows.

4. I have a FIERCE april fools joke already planned. I am usually against april fools jokes, but this one is too good to pass up.

5. Why do creditors keep calling me? I already paid you. Check your fucking systems. Well except AES. I haven't paid you yet. You can keep calling. I'm just not going to pick up the phone.

6. I wore red shoes to work today. I thought I'd spice things up a bit.

7. Song of the day: Fashionista (Nick Terranova Circuit Mix) - Jimmy James. It is HOT

That is all for right now.


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Eastward bound (though not as far)

I've finally gotten my tickets to go visit a friend in Brussels for a weekend at the end of March. Should be fun, although I have to say Brussels is not high on my list of favorite cities. Hopefully this time will be better than my last few times there. Granted, they were a number of years ago...

I've been meaning to do this for AGES but just never got around to it. I have a coupon for a free ticket on United that was going to expire...nothing like waiting till the last minute. Am flying non-stop both ways from Dulles. Well didn't relaly have a choice, since the ticket had to be on United, and they only have one flight to Brussels.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Done. Finally.

A Darker Diva is done. Finally. Here is the tracklist. Yes I know that track 4 is listed twice. It is like that for a reason. And yes I know it reads like a generic gay dance party. It is like that for a reason as well.

The State of the Union

I'd love to blog about the State of the Union, but sadly I was at JR's drinking with Twin Sister and Blondie and watching American Idol. From what I've read though his address was sub-par. My only question is, sub-par for him? Or sub-par for SOTU's in general. Because there truly is a difference. I did read in the WashPost that Bush claimed the U.S. has an addiction to oil. This is, of course, obvious. I guess though I'm a little surprised to hear him say it, seeing as his fortune was made in the oil business. Although, judging from past experience, he probably won't do anything about it. I mean, whatever happened to rebuilding New Orleans? Besides, probably the single biggest thing he could do would be to raise the minimum fuel efficiency standards for new vehicles, something California's been trying to do but has been vigorously blocked by the auto industry and the administration.

Oh. And apparently he took a swipe at the gays. Not surprising really. I mean we are the cause of all of society's ills.

I did, however, catch some of the Democratic rebuttel given by Doctor Spock Governor Tim Kaine. His All I could focus on was his left eyebrow, and how it was so much higher than his right one. Judging by his speech though, the new Democratic message is going to be "There is a better way." I think he probably said it 10 times in the few minutes I watched. Despite that fact that I'm making fun of him, I think he was probably a good choice to deliver the rebuttel. Much better than Hillary (don't get me wrong, I think Hillary is awesome).