Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Under Construction

The dance floor at Crobar is currently under construction due to the holes we burned on Saturday night. Will post more about the weekend later, but in the mean time. Spam subject of the day:

"Summer is Almost here. Be ready"


Friday, October 20, 2006


Funny evites aside, I feel like I've been knocked in the face with a 2x4. Maybe I'll explain later, maybe I won't. We'll see.

Too Much!

Grace Jones forwarded an evite to me for a birthday party of one of our friends. It may not mean as much for you if you don't know the person, but it's still hystarical!

Subject: The Pointer Sisters-Ebony Productions has sent you an Evite Invitation

"A Night In Trinidad"
Join us in celebrating Pernell’s birthday and reminisce her life and humble beginnings in Tunapunta, Trinidad, where she worked her way through college by working on a plantain farm, to becoming Miss Trinidad and Tobago 1971


Who said you had to wait until Mardi Gras to celebrate Carnival? Not when it’s Pernell’s birthday, you don’t!! Come join us as we celebrate the life and times of Pershell Shanquanita Philips and her humble beginings from Tunapunta, Trinidad to her life and escapades in the USA and beyond. Mangos, coconuts, plantains, conche, wild berries and papaya wine (all native products from her beloved country) or leather accessories (her night passion), are all welcome as party favors, as we party into the wee hours of the evening. The calypso/limbo line starts at midnight…be prepared “to go down”.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Die Effing Week!

This week needs to die a horrible death. Work has been crazy. Crazy at work isn't anything new, but something about this week in particular has been brutal. Lots of putting out fires and not being able to get to the normal work that needs to be done. But anyway, that's the reason behind the lack of posts in the past few days/week. Let's see, what's new...

Oh, I'm going to NY this weekend. Should be a ball! Gonna get to hang out with The BBC, meet up with JC and of course...

TOM STEPHAN AT CROBAR!!! I don't know if you've been to Crobar, but the sound system there is off. the. hook! Victor Calderone is going to be coming on at 4 so we may even stay for some of his set.

What else....right. I don't think I need to tell you all how dissappointed I am that Jeffrey one Project Runway. WTF! His designs were good, I'll give him that, but I definitely think Uli should have won. And I definitely like Laura's collection better than Jeffrey's. Can't really argue with Michael coming in fourth though, his collection was terrible! I felt so bad for him because he seemed to have such good potential. Oh well. Can't wait for next season.

PS. This is totally random but if any of you have the following song, could you please give it to me? I used to have it but can't find it, and now I really want it. Thanks!

Funky Green Dogs - Rise Up (Rosabel Unreleased Mix)

I have can get all of the other mixes, just not this one. And this is the one I really want.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Do you think chronic fatigue is considered a disability. One for which work should make a reasonable accomodation? Mayhaps, by giving me nap time?

I don't think that would be unreasonable.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday Randomness

1. The bf and I celebrated our one year anniversary this past weekend. We went to a nice dinner on Friday and rented a Flex Car on Saturday to head out to the country for a day. Only thing is, when we went to go pick up the car, we found out that it was stolen. Yes. Somebody had the nerve to steal a Flex Car. We postponed the trip to Sunday, which ended up being tons better weather wise. We went out to Harpers Ferry, which really is a neat little place.

2. So remember how I left my cell phone on the airplane in Tokyo, and was seriously angry that I had to buy a new one? You see, turns out I left it burried deep in my luggage, which I happend to discover over the weekend (three weeks after I purchased the phone). Range of emotions: Pissed (that I didn't actually lose my phone, but bought a new one). Then, bewilderment (honestly, how could I not have seen it in my bag, grumble). Then, elation (wait a minute, Cingular has a 30 day return policy, H.O.T). Sure enough I returned the phone and got my money back. And the process was entirely painless.

3. I'm going to vist a friend next month in L.A. I am excited because I haven't been to L.A. in ages and I could use some nice L.A. weather. Side note: I can only handle the city for a few days (max three) and then I begin to hate it. Los Angeles is like New York for me, love to visit, but could never live there. And before you bitches say "well I guess he just doesn't like big cities then." Not true I say. I just don't like New York or L.A.

4. I am so excited for the first half of the Project Runway season finale tonight. I REALLY hope Jeffrey gets kicked off for cheating. That would make me happy. Oh, along with every one else, I'm seriously disappointed in Michael's collection.

5. Why oh why can't the election be held tomorrow. Four weeks is way too much time for the Republicans to do something devious to boost their poll numbers.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Song of the Week

So I've been searching for this song for two years now, ever since I heard Tom Stephan play it in New York. I had pretty much given up finding it (given that I didn't know the name of it or who it's by) until now.

Snack - This is Not Rock & Roll (Robbie Rivera Afterhours Mix)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Paging Congressman Foley

Have you all been following the Mark Foley scandal? If not, you should be. So, here we have a 50 year-old Republican congressman from Florida who likes to chase after 16 and 17 year-old male congressional pages. On the one hand, that's gross. But on the other hand, I just don't get the impression the pages are all that sweet and innocent. Don't get me wrong, I obviously think what the congressman did was very inappropriate. But being a congressional page means, by definition, you're not stupid. The pages go to Capitol Hill in order to jumpstart their careers in congress. Some of those pages have to be gay. And some of them probably thought, "Shoo, maybe I can get a leg up on everyone else if I fuck a congressman (or at least have IM sex with him)." I'm not saying that makes it right. But anyway I've read most, if not all, of the IM's that have been released. And some of them definitely make it seem like the teen knew what he was doing. For example (via Slate):

ABC News declined to release what follows next, instead summarizing it as follows: "The exchange continues in which Foley and the teen both appear to describe having sexual orgasms" (bolding mine).

We now resume our previously scheduled programming:

For some reason, I just can't get all outraged at what the congressman did. Disgusted, sure. But outraged, nah.

However, I'm perfectly happy to let the voting public, particularly republicans, get riled up and decide to abadon their party in favor of the democrats. Who knows, maybe they'll even topple the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. That would be icing on the cake! I do find it kind of ironic that the major improprieties of a closeted gay republican may contribute, perhaps significantly, to the downfall of the Republican Party (a party that generally hates gays) in the mid-term elections.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


You may or may not have heard that over the weekend a business jet and a Boeing 737 collided over the Amazon jungle in Brazil. While the 737 plunged to the ground killing all 155 people on board (may they rest in peace), miraculously the business jet was able to land at a nearby military base. One of the passengers on the biz-jet was New York Times business travel writer Joe Sharkey. He wrote an amazing first-hand account of the incident and if you have a minute I highly recommend reading it.

Colliding With Death at 37,000 Feet, and Living

SÃO JOSE DOS CAMPOS, Brazil, Oct. 1 — It had been an uneventful, comfortable flight.

With the window shade drawn, I was relaxing in my leather seat aboard a $25 million corporate jet that was flying 37,000 feet above the vast Amazon rainforest. The 7 of us on board the 13-passenger jet were keeping to ourselves.

Without warning, I felt a terrific jolt and heard a loud bang, followed by an eerie silence, save for the hum of the engines....

Read the entire article here...

Sydney Here We Come (and Auckland too)!

I've finally booked our tickets for Australia. The bf and I plus Taylor Jean and Grace Jones if she gets her act together are going to Sydney in March for Mardi Gras. For those of you that don't know, Mardi Gras is Sydney's big gay pride celebration so I imagine it will be a great time. Plus, since these are award tickets, we get a free stop-over and decided to hit up New Zealand while we are down there. I've never been to New Zealand before so am really excited about it. We'll be gone for 12 days so it defintiely isn't one of my usual mini-vacations. If you have any tips for while I'm down there, let me know.

Holy Hangover Batman!

Yesterday morning was spent not hunched over my computer at work, but curled up in bed desperately trying to shake of the mean hangover that was creeping up on me. Brunch at the Beacon, coupled with drinks at Stetson's and JR's. Repeat after me: I am not 21. I can not drink all day and expect no consequences.