Friday, December 30, 2005

Email Convo of 2005

In a little preview of my review of the Best of 2005. I'd like to present you with the best email convo of 2005.

From: "Chris"
To: "[Black Bottom Cupcake]<[The BBC]>,"Twin Sister"
<[Twin Sister]>,"Jones, Grace" <[GJones]>
Subject: mmeeeeehhhhh
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 08:43:59 -0500

Hey Girls,

So I've decided we should play a little game. It's called the
"let's-piece-together-what-happened-last-night" game. I'll start:

I know I was at JR's between 530 and 730ish

I know that Joey showed up at some point.

I know that I woke up at 15th and Mass.

That is all.

Your turn

From: [Twin Sister] [mailto:[Twin Sister]]
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 8:46 AM
To: [Chris]; [The BBC]; Jones, Grace
Subject: RE: mmeeeeehhhhh

I know that you went hoem with a guy named [deleted] who is having a [deleted] bday party tonight. I know that he had a man purse on with a camera inside of it... I know that you we grabbing his crotch in the bar and rubbing it... who's next?

From: "[Jones, Grace]" [mailto:[GJones]>]
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 8:55 AM
To: "Chris"; [The BBC]; "[Twin Sister]"
Subject: RE: mmeeeeehhhhh

Umm . . . I know that I pulled a double Chris and a) spilled my diet coke all over McDonalds and b) made out with a boy whose boyfriend was standing right behind us. I know that [Twin Sister] and I went back to JR's after McDs and that is where I ran into that boy [deleted] that I made out with. Next.

From: "[The BBC]" [mailto:[GJones]>]
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2005 10:38 AM
To: "[Jones, Grace]"
CC: "[Twin Sister]"; "Chris"
Subject: RE: mmeeeeehhhhh

So I guess this means that it's my turn........

I remember most of the night. I got to JR's at 6:30, and surprise surprise Chris was alreay on the way to the drunken highway......oh and [Grace Jones] was dancing already. I remember Joe coming and I left with him which I don't know what time that was......this is where I need help..... I know that we went to some alley on P and I waited in the car while a transaction took place.....then we went to the ghetto Wendy's where for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to get out and go inside.....why ?? I don't know......then I remember getting home and five minutes later FoRoh was there...... don't really know how that happened but whatever..... The better question is who is ready for a weekend of tragedy...................

Search of the Day

Someone from Harlowtown, Montana entered the terms "twin sister gets fucked" into MSN Search and was redirected to my blog.

This is funny to me on so many different levels.

While it's true that I've posted these pics before, I figured it was time to refresh your memory on how hot this guy is.


Last night saw a reunion (minus one) of the Mean Girls at JR's. Naturally we had a cocktail or three and, like most nights at JR's, the end of the evening got a little blurry. In order to refresh my memory, I'd like to play Fill-In-The-Blanks. I'll go first.

I remember my first drink
I remember telling Dave the first one was a little weak
I remember ditching Twin Sister and Grace Jones outside of 7-11

Who's Next?

UPDATE: I really don't remember Adam & Patrick showing up at JR's

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Well I've managed to make it relatively unscathed through the holidays. I suppose technically there is still one to go, but in comparison to Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Year's is childsplay. Went home to San Francisco this past weekend and, overall, the trip was pretty uneventful. Most of the time was spent with the family, although I did go out to the Castro for some BOGO (buy-one-get-one) action on Monday night at the Bar on Castro. Now I should've know better after this particular episode. I was home and in bed passed out by 930. My attempt to sneak past my mother (am I in high school?) totally failed.

In other trip news. I met up with a few people that I haven't seen since high school. It was definitely nice to catch up and see what everyone is up to these days. Also, I ran into this guy at the lounge in the San Francisco airport. Originally I was flying back to BWI and he to Dulles but after my flight got delayed by almost two hours I made the switch to his flight. Ours was only delayed by about 15 mins which, given that the entire departure board was showing weather delays, wasn't so bad.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

An interesting idea

I came across the blog of Justin, whom I met a few years ago in Ithaca, but has since moved here to DC. He has come up with a pretty nifty idea, one that I'm definitely inclined to support. Rather than oversimplify it here, this is how he described it in this blog entry:

In essence, I will be traveling around the country – to all 50 states – doing research and providing MeetJustin viewers with interviews and commentary on 4 blogs in areas I am passionate about: Gay, Community, Travel, and Women.

I will combine all technologies available to me – podcasting, video, moblogging, and good ol’ blogging – to provide a completely fresh and unique view on life in America.

I will follow the GAY movement across the country – what is the political support structure like – which cities are the best for gays – what unique ideas/programs are out there we don’t know about.

I will highlight COMMUNITY all across the country – who are our leaders today – what programs our helping/hurting our communities – what do Americans think about their country and the world today.

I will highlight my TRAVEL across the country – which places are hot and which are not – what is there to do in Salt Lake City from a local’s perspective – what city has the best food, fashion, and fun.

I will follow the WOMEN’s movement across the country – where are women making advances – how do women feel about different issues in different places – what opportunities and roadblocks are out there for women.

I have to give him some serious credit for actually doing something like this. Many people come up with great ideas, dreams, or goals, but never really work to carry them out. He, at least, seems to be making an effort. Anyway, take a look at the website if you get a chance, and I guess we'll just have to wait and see if this all works out.

Hack cabs and hand grenades

Well ok, not really hand grenades. But anyway...I talked to The Army Boy (who's up in New York) yesterday. He was having issues with his roommates and decided to move out. Our last conversation was a kind of brief and I just wanted to make sure everything was ok. He assured me it was, but that he really couldn't talk about it at the moment. You see, he was in the middle of ferrying people from Manhatten to JFK. As I'm sure you've heard, there is a minor labor dispute going on up there and since The Army Boy has a car, and no standard 9-5, he figured he'd make a dollar or twenty driving people to the airport and back. The Army Boy is now a hack cab driver. Not a bad idea really...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's in my hands!

Well, after a serious ordeal. One a returned CD and a misplaced UPS package later, I finally have my hands on Afterdark Volume 1. A double disk mix CD by Roger Sanchez and Tom Stephan. I've listened to both CD's and they are obviously HOT. Not to mention, quite different from each other. I can't tell which one I like better, probably will be the one by Tom Stephan, well, because it's by Tom Stephan.

If you like house and/or dance music, but are a little bit tired of White Party Volume Quadrillion, or Louie Davito's NYC Dance, I highly recommend this compilation. It's different, but in a very good way. Also check out Live@Space by Oscar G., or if you're feeling really bold (and in a bit more of a Progressive mood) check out Undulation 1 by Satoshi Tomiie and Hector Romero.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend Re-Cap

1. Friday night was lounging in bed, watchin TV and finishing up some work left over from earlier in the day. Kinda sucked.

2. Saturday I kidnapped Twin Sister on his way to the gym and instead we went to brunch at Trio's. Which, BTW, wasn't as bad as I remembered. Granted, the food wasn't great, but still, not as bad I thought it be. A good question to ask at this point might be, "If you were expecting the food to be bad, why did you go?" And my answer would be, "Meh, it's so damn convenient." Afterwards, we went to Universal Gear, then tanning, then to Filene's Basement. And let me tell you, Filene's might as well have been giving away free clothes the way people were tearing through the bins. It looked like a market in Mombasa on payday. Saturday night I went to a graduation party of a friend of the bf's. I had every intention of keeping it semi-low key. Well, you know what they say don't you? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I think it was shot number 4 of Captain Morgan that really tipped me over the edge. I should've know better. The Captain and I used to be BFF, until one day we hit a rough patch of seas and he threw me off the ship. On saturday night I tried to reconcile our differences, but it didn't really work out. The last thing I remember is talking to someone at the party, then I woke up at 7am face down in the bf's bed fully clothed (shoes, jacket, the works). See this is remarkable he had already left the party to go to Liquid Ladies with some lesbians. I still have no idea what happened in that space of time, and will probably keep it that way.

3. Sunday morning, woke up very confused, and with a hangover to rival the 7th circle of hell. Decided the best cure for that would be all-you-can-drink brunch at the Beacon. By three thirty, we'd had enough, and I went back to Twin Sister's and promptly passed out on his bed.

I've decided that this week is going to be booze free. Well ok, booze-lite. I need to let my liver reset itself.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Well, I can't say I didn't warn you. I definitely got wiggedy wasted last night. Met a friend, who I hadn't seen in a while, at JR's. I was quite amused as he has absolutely. NO. tolerance. He had three drinks and was wasted. Quite the polar opposite of myself I might add. Ultimately Twin Sister and I made it to the GL for some shirtless men drinkies. As you can imagine, I'm seriously hungover.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Forewarned is Fair-warned

Dear Citizens of 17th St.,

I will be at JR's at 5:30 today. An unsually early start for all-you-can-drink. Consider this your warning.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

12 Days of Christmas

Last night was JR's Christmas party, so of course this morning I woke up still slightly drunk. I definitely had the "I need to get my reparations" mentality last night. I'd like to give you highlights of the evening, but I really don't remember much. In that vain, let's play Fill-In-The-Blanks:

I remember taking a picture with Santa
I remember eating the appetizers they had like it was going out of style
I remember singing the 12 days of christmas and LOVING it

I do not remember going to McDonald's last night
I do not remember what time we left
I do not remember any part of the walk home

Who's Next?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Cell Phone Issues

My friend Sara is having cell phone issues. Apparently she lost all of her numbers (we've all had this cataclysmic event happen at some point) and she sent me an email asking to re-give her my number. This is the email she sent me, I sincerely encourage you to read the whole thing, it'll make you laugh:

A Cell Phone Study
Cell phone (henceforth known as "Subject C" or "C")
Sara ("Subject S" or "S")

Subject C: 7 months, mobile telephone, Marked suicidal tendencies, certain air of indifference towards completion of job requirements, fits beautifully in designated cell-phone pockets in purses, enjoys losing service only in periods of extreme hot and cold weather to force Subject S to take Subject C outside.

Subject S: 24, Female, Ignores repeated requests by outside contacts to replace Subject C, tendency to anthropomorphize objects such as cell phone, lighters, etc.

Time period of study: 6 months

History of interactions between subject C and S

1) Attempted suicide by C by plummeting 6 stories
C: Survived with minimal damage
S: Very mild heart attack
Observations: First reported instance of Subject C's suicidal tendencies, Subject S is possibly seen as enabler for allowing Subject C to sit outside on high balconies. Note, Subject S did not institutionalize C at this instance and was heard to in fact laugh and joke about Subject C's attempt.

2) Vow of silence
C: Inconclusive, due to subject's refusal to speak, sole communication method- vibrations and flashing lights
S: Mild frustration mixed with appreciation of never hearing annoying motorola delivered ring-tones
Observations: It is noted that Subject C did have access to readings on methods of "peaceful protest." Observers hypothesize that Subject C was "acting out" in response to S's cavalier attitude towards C's mental state and instances of what is known as "drunk dialing."

3) Withholding Voice and Text Messages on Subject S's birthday
C: Appeared content and pleased with self; provided no apology to Subject S, even refused to discuss the situation
S: Appeared mildly depressed and older
Observations: Subject C shows cruelty to S. At this time, S considered sending C for "re-education" at a private institution funded by motorola, continues to profess love of C to outside contacts.

4) Sim Card Destruction
C: Repeatedly requested for S to "Check Sim Card" and would only put through "Emergency Calls" as deemed by the cell phone, to be only numbers beginning in 9. Shows some concern for subject "S"'s general welfare, but complete disregard of possible social life.
S: grrrr [sic]
Observations: Subject C has forced subject S to finally take note of growing mental instability. Subject S speaks to professionals (Cingular)

5) Replacement of Sim Card, Resetting of Phone Settings, and loss of all numbers
C: Appears to accept and welcome imminent destruction
S: Regret mixed with anger and frustration

Marked shift in S's attitude towards assisted suicide; fear of own mental-health in light of Subject C's instability.
Subject C will permanently separate from Subject S for counseling and refurbishment.
Subject S will attempt to retrieve telephone numbers previously maintained by C by writing incredibly silly emails, in hopes that outside contacts will email Subject C with contact information to be provided to Subject C's successor.
Thank you.

-The only thing I changed was the bolding of the subjects, to make it a bit easier to follow. Feel free to pass along, just give credit where it's due.


Office Mate Kate: I have to go to wedding this weekend in Boston and I kinda don't want to.
Me: Why, who's wedding?
OMK: Ugh, this big fat bitch that Mke (her bf) went to college with. The girl is a tool and has always been super mean to me.
Me: Eff that! Don't go.
OMK: But see, she used to have a crush on Mike. So I have to go and show her that I got him and she didn't. And I'm going to look FABULOUS.

Polar Express

Normally I'd give you a weekend round-up, one hopefully filled with fun and booze. This weekend, however, was spent on a plane. Well, more precisly, six of them. My 30 hour trip to Alaska was pretty un-eventful. My plane to NY was delayed, of course. But not too much. Here are some highlights from the trip:

  1. There are some seriously hot guys in Alaska. Not really sure why. Maybe it's the rugged mountain man look or whatnot, but I noticed this as I was wandering around the airport (that's pretty much all I did while I was there). There are also several military bases nearby so maybe that had something to do with it.
  2. US Airways pretty much sucks. Three of my six flights were on US Airways, and all three of those flights were delayed. Moreover, the flight attendants just did not seem to want to be there. In contrast all of the United flights were on time, with generally happy crews that seemed to actually be enjoying what they were doing. Not to mention that United has Economy Plus (which makes a HUGE differnce), and channel 9 which lets you listen in on air traffic control. And since I'm a geek, this is a big deal to me.
  3. By flight number four, I was OV-ER-IT! I don't how people do it, but I defintiely don't want to have to do this again unless I absolutly have to. There are people out there that fly to Singapore, stay 7 hours, and fly back. They are crazy.
  4. Airport food really sucks. So does airplane food.
  5. Reading the latest issue of OUT on the airplane can often score you some free booze from the flight attendant (on two seperate flights for me).
  6. Alaska was warmer than DC. Seriously. It was 35 when I landed. Furthermore, Anchorage is actually a city. I guess I was imagining landing on some dirt airstrip in the frozen tundra, surrounded by igloos. Not the case.
  7. I didn't get to see the Northern Lights :-(
  8. The movie on my flight from Denver to Anchorage was Polar Express. Hmmm.
Sunday night went to JR's. Didn't end up staying too long as the BF had been there since 2 and was LOADED. The main reason I went was to demand my invite to the christmas party which never showed up in the mail. Grrrr. The party's tomorrow. Yea.

Oh, and I almost forget. Our office christmas party was on Friday at La Chaumiere. It was definitely some fun times, I drank alot but didn't make a fool of myself. Unlike one of my coworkers. She was pounding martini's like it was her J-O-B. I was almost going to say something to her but then figured it be more fun to watch the aftermath. I was right. By the end of the night we had move to a bar in Georgetown (I only stayed for one drink before I could catch the GT cooties), and she was making out with another girl (I think she did it for attention). I also am pretty sure our intern is gay.

Friday, December 09, 2005


So I was reading a transcript of an interview that Ang Lee, the Director of Brokeback Mountain, did on the Charlie Rose Show. I'm happily reading along and then all of a sudden, BAM. He give away the ending. Just like that. "blah blah blah a story of forbidden love blah blah blah epic love story blah blah blah [gives away the ending]." What. The. Fuck? Can I get a spoiler alert please? I'm obviously still gonna go see the movie, but they didn't give it all awayl...uugghh...bitches.

Office Christmas Party

Sorry about the brief blog hiatus, I don't really have an excuse, just didn't really have anything to blog about.

Anyway, tonight is our office christmas party. In the past, these have sometimes gotten a bit out of hand, what with the top shelf open bar and such. Also in the past, these parties have been during the week, on a tuesday or wednesday. This year it's on a Friday. Free booze+ my coworkers+plus friday night= recipe for disaster. I have to keep myself in check this evening as I'm flying off to Alaska tomorrow and the last thing I want is to be wickedly hungover (or still drunk). My coworkers on the other hand...

Monday, December 05, 2005


Dear Yahoo! Search,

Can you please explain to me why, when someone enters, "BIG GAY RIG DRIVER FUCKING OLD MEN" into your search engine, you feel the need to direct people to my blog? I am not a big gay rig driver, am not an old man being fucked by one, nor do I have pictures of said incident. While I don't really care if your users are directed to my site, they will only be dissatisfied with your search engine when they don't find what they are looking for.


Weekend Round-Up

There really isn't much a of weekend to report. I spent most of being sick and crancky with a cold. Despite that, on Friday I managed to make it over to Nick & Bernie's place for a little party. I only had 4 dranks (granted they were dixie cup style, naturally 1/2 vodka 1/2 mixer) and managed to get wiggedy wasted. The BF and I miraculesly found a cab at 1st and Rhode Island at 2 in the morning.

Spent most of Saturday either in bed or at work. On Saturday night we all tundled even further out to a party at 15th and A NE. There was a small arguement between the BBC and I over what part of the city we were in. He claimed we were in Capital Hill. While I claimed we were in the Ghetto.

Spent all day yesterday in bed and in front of the TV. Didn't even go out to JR's last night, which is a pretty good indication of how shitty I was feeling yesterday. Am feeling a bit better today, although at the moment there is snow falling. And you know how I feel about snow...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Last night

My. Head. Hurts. Last night after work I raced home to let Nick in so that he could (finally) move his shit out of my place. Afterwards I trekked back in to the city to meet up with Twin Sister and the BF for some drinkies. It's been several weeks since I've been to JR's on a thursday and for some reason Twin Sister and I felt we needed to make up for lost time. First of all, there was a serious cast of characters out last night. Nick's Nemesis, Back Seat of a Durango, several of Twin Sister's tricks...they were all out. After several cocktails it was pushing 10pm and we did what any self respecting gay boy would do. Trip over to the GL for shirtless men drink free.
Side note
: WTF is up with the HUGE dixie cups they serve you. Look I understand I should probably excercise some restraint when it comes to drinking, but don't they know Chris+Drinks=Fat girl+Cake. Neither of us know when to say when. Finally 11 rolled around and the BF and I decided that we'd had enough. We left Twin Sister at the bar and headed home.
Second Side note: In retrospect it was probably not a good idea to set Twin Sister loose in the GL by herself. Especially given the text message I received from him (at 410am): "Call me when you wake up to make sure I am up. I have quite then story for you." I called him twice this morning but he did not pick up. Whatevs, I did my part.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I'm getting ready to leave work, and I head to just to check the headlines before I shut off my computer, and what do I see there on the home page?

South African Court Rules for Same Sex Marriage

My initial reaction was that it must've been some lower court ruling that would quickly be overturned by the legislature or a higher court. But no. It was the country's Supreme Court which gave the legislature one year to change the words "husband" and "wife" to "spouse." This one sentence in particular caught my eye:

"The Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference said it would oppose the ruling in parliament but acknowledged that it had no prospect of stopping the legalization of same-sex marriage."

Am I reading this right? South Africa is poised to become only the fifth country in the world to recognize same-sex marriage? I'm blown away by this. The continent of Africa, along with the countries in the Middle East, are some of the most stridently opposed to homosexuality, let alone gay unions. In a whole host of countries homosexuality is punishable by death, in sometimes painful ways (stoning, hanging, etc...). I've always wanted to go to South Africa and this gives me one more reason why I should.

Song of the Day

Tom Stephan has started his own label (Cumbomundo), and the first release is finally out. It is H-O-T.

Here I Come - Tom Stephan (Superchumbo Vocal, Jamie J Sanchez Mix, DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta Mix)

All three mixes are very good. Haven't yet decided which one I like best. Either the Superchumbo or Jamie Sanchez.

Find them all at BeatPort
Suman has finally jumped on the blog bandwagon and started his own. I'm a little mad that his looks cooler than mine...