Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wednesday Randomness

1. The bf and I celebrated our one year anniversary this past weekend. We went to a nice dinner on Friday and rented a Flex Car on Saturday to head out to the country for a day. Only thing is, when we went to go pick up the car, we found out that it was stolen. Yes. Somebody had the nerve to steal a Flex Car. We postponed the trip to Sunday, which ended up being tons better weather wise. We went out to Harpers Ferry, which really is a neat little place.

2. So remember how I left my cell phone on the airplane in Tokyo, and was seriously angry that I had to buy a new one? You see, turns out I left it burried deep in my luggage, which I happend to discover over the weekend (three weeks after I purchased the phone). Range of emotions: Pissed (that I didn't actually lose my phone, but bought a new one). Then, bewilderment (honestly, how could I not have seen it in my bag, grumble). Then, elation (wait a minute, Cingular has a 30 day return policy, H.O.T). Sure enough I returned the phone and got my money back. And the process was entirely painless.

3. I'm going to vist a friend next month in L.A. I am excited because I haven't been to L.A. in ages and I could use some nice L.A. weather. Side note: I can only handle the city for a few days (max three) and then I begin to hate it. Los Angeles is like New York for me, love to visit, but could never live there. And before you bitches say "well I guess he just doesn't like big cities then." Not true I say. I just don't like New York or L.A.

4. I am so excited for the first half of the Project Runway season finale tonight. I REALLY hope Jeffrey gets kicked off for cheating. That would make me happy. Oh, along with every one else, I'm seriously disappointed in Michael's collection.

5. Why oh why can't the election be held tomorrow. Four weeks is way too much time for the Republicans to do something devious to boost their poll numbers.

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Evile said...

So Harper's Ferry was neat, huh? Neato.