Friday, October 20, 2006

Too Much!

Grace Jones forwarded an evite to me for a birthday party of one of our friends. It may not mean as much for you if you don't know the person, but it's still hystarical!

Subject: The Pointer Sisters-Ebony Productions has sent you an Evite Invitation

"A Night In Trinidad"
Join us in celebrating Pernell’s birthday and reminisce her life and humble beginnings in Tunapunta, Trinidad, where she worked her way through college by working on a plantain farm, to becoming Miss Trinidad and Tobago 1971


Who said you had to wait until Mardi Gras to celebrate Carnival? Not when it’s Pernell’s birthday, you don’t!! Come join us as we celebrate the life and times of Pershell Shanquanita Philips and her humble beginings from Tunapunta, Trinidad to her life and escapades in the USA and beyond. Mangos, coconuts, plantains, conche, wild berries and papaya wine (all native products from her beloved country) or leather accessories (her night passion), are all welcome as party favors, as we party into the wee hours of the evening. The calypso/limbo line starts at midnight…be prepared “to go down”.

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