Thursday, October 19, 2006

Die Effing Week!

This week needs to die a horrible death. Work has been crazy. Crazy at work isn't anything new, but something about this week in particular has been brutal. Lots of putting out fires and not being able to get to the normal work that needs to be done. But anyway, that's the reason behind the lack of posts in the past few days/week. Let's see, what's new...

Oh, I'm going to NY this weekend. Should be a ball! Gonna get to hang out with The BBC, meet up with JC and of course...

TOM STEPHAN AT CROBAR!!! I don't know if you've been to Crobar, but the sound system there is off. the. hook! Victor Calderone is going to be coming on at 4 so we may even stay for some of his set.

What else....right. I don't think I need to tell you all how dissappointed I am that Jeffrey one Project Runway. WTF! His designs were good, I'll give him that, but I definitely think Uli should have won. And I definitely like Laura's collection better than Jeffrey's. Can't really argue with Michael coming in fourth though, his collection was terrible! I felt so bad for him because he seemed to have such good potential. Oh well. Can't wait for next season.

PS. This is totally random but if any of you have the following song, could you please give it to me? I used to have it but can't find it, and now I really want it. Thanks!

Funky Green Dogs - Rise Up (Rosabel Unreleased Mix)

I have can get all of the other mixes, just not this one. And this is the one I really want.

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