Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm Back

OK, so after a long hiatus I've decided to start posting again. The reason for the hiatus? Nothing specific, just that work has been crazy, my life has been normal, and I really haven't had anything good to post about. I still don't, but I'll try and come up with something. So, what's happened since the last time I posted? Let's see...

The Holidays: What a whirlwind! The bf and I went out to California to celebrate Christmas with my mom. It was really nice to be out there although, sadly, my sister couldn't make it this year. She had just moved to Chicago (I know, seriously cold!) and just got a new job that so she really couldn't take the vacation days. After Christmas (we came back on the 26th) the in-laws came down to DC for a visit. Thankfully theyt didn't stay with us, but they did get to see out place, which they loved. For New Years we went to two separate parties (on opposite sides of the city no less) and it was at the second party that we earned the nickname "The Boozies." You see, we were both WASTED! From what I remember, both parties were good times.

January: This month was a nightmare for me at work. Tons of reports due, etc... There were a couple of days where I'd wake up early, go to work, come home around 9ish, eat dinner and go to bed. Only to start all over the next day. Not. Fun.

Muenchen: I did have a little respite in January when Taylor Jean and I went over to Munich for a few days. The trip was awesome! We went out a couple of nights to some bars, wandered around the city and went out to Neuschwanstein which, BTW, was way cool! Although let me tell you, Neuschwantstein (the Disney Castle) is billed as being right near Munch. Umm...not so much. It is a two hour train ride away. The train out there was fine, but the one back seriously blew. The heat was turned up way high and it was way crowded. To top it off, we had to stop at a station for about an hour becuase somebody had been hit by a train further up the tracks. Besides that, the trip was great. Especially since I got to practice my German a bit.

Let's see, what else...Oh, I haven't been to JR's in ages. You're probably thinking, OMG, is he ok? And the answer would be "yes." I've been trying to save my money for our trip to Australia at the end of the month. Wait, have I mentioned on there that I'm going to Australia? Well, if not. I am. and for Mardi Gras BITCHES!!!! It is going to be REDICULOUS!! The bf, Grace Jones, Taylor Jean and I are all going down there for 10 days. We are spending 6 days in Sydney and then 4 days in Auckland. I'm, of course, way excited for Sydney, but I think I'm more excited about Auckland sincce I've never been there. Ooh, and don't forget, it will be SUMMER down there. I'll be sure and think of all of you when I'm on the beach sipping Mai Tais.

I guess that's it for now, I'll leave you with a picture of Taylor Jean and I in Munich.
Oh wait, I almost forgot. I was in New York last weekend visiting with The BBC and Suman. And also went to Crobar where my favorite dj TOM STEPHAN was spinning. He was awesome of course. And, it turns out he'll be spinning in Sydney while we are down there. H. O. T.

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