Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bar fight!

So last night Twin Sister got into a bar fight at DIK bar. There are two things wrong with this picture. 1) Mo's fighting and 2) being at DIK bar. I met Twin Sister after work at JR's. We were planing on having one or two drinks, butn you know how that always ends up. After one or two, suddenly it's power hour, and we could have one more drink right? They are only $2. Then suddenly it's the end of power hour, I'm wasted, and we decide to head to DIK bar for a night cap. Thankfully there is no karaoke like there was on Thursday (when Twin Sister decided it would be fun to belt out Proud Mary after several cocktails). I'm not really sure how it happened but suddenly Twin Sister is fighting with latino guy, I'm grabbing Taylor Jean and Brian to "get his back" and the bartender is kicking the latino and his friend out. As they are going down the stairs Twin Sister decided he's still angry so he pushes one of them down the stairs. Ooops. It was at this point I decided that I didn't need another cocktail and should probably be headed home.

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TOS said...

That is the butchest thing she's ever done - go gurl! :-)